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Tesseract: A Wrinkle in Time

A tear is only water // a sigh is only air
Sep 2 '14
I want to know what it takes to findSome peace of mindThere where I want to beYes I know, nothing comes for freeJust let me seeWhat is right for me

I want to know what it takes to find
Some peace of mind
There where I want to be
Yes I know, nothing comes for free
Just let me see
What is right for me

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Sep 2 '14

Yeah, I got a foul ball. NBD. 


Yeah, I got a foul ball. NBD. 

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Sep 1 '14

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Sep 1 '14

My personal favorite ikebana. And bonsai. 

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Sep 1 '14

Let’s talk webhosting.

Once again, hostmonster has screwed me over. I’ve been with them for almost a decade, and they jacked their prices again. ..Without telling me, of course. Oh, they “sent an email” but I never got it. (But I’ve gotten every single other email they’ve sent me.)

So. While big giant companies don’t think an extra five dollars a month is a big deal, it is for me.  So I need to find a new host.

What do I absolutely need?

The biggest thing is being able to host two websites without having to jump through hoops. …yes, I’ve had this problem. I currently own two domains, and when I was with another company (fatcow), I couldn’t host the two websites separately without having to make special folders in the directory. I want to be able to have one using wordpress, the other something else, without them overwriting each other and having to do extra things.

Also, I need the option to pay monthly. I understand that I will pay more that way, but sometimes I can’t afford to drop that kinda money for a year at a time. 

I’m not too worried about space, or even the number of email addresses or mysql databases. (I could work with just five of each, no problem) I just need something reliable that won’t double their prices in the span of just a year.

So yes. I’d like suggestions or even just a signal boost.

….and I’m totally ending this with a question so anyone can answer.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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Aug 31 '14

Chinese Garden, St. Louis Botanical Gardens.

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Aug 31 '14

I am sunburned and sweaty, but today was amazing. I got some awesome pictures that I need to pull from my phone.


And oddly enough? I didn’t see a single MLP cosplayer. 

(In fact, the number of cosplayers in general seriously dwindled this year, as compared to the last several years.)

I think the kendo demonstration was my absolute favorite thing this year.

Yeah. Pictures and stuff tomorrow! I’m way too drained tonight.

(P.S. I think I adore Peter Capaldi even more after tonight’s episode.)

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Aug 29 '14

While everyone else is at DragonCon, I’ll be at the Japanese Festival in St. Louis tomorrow.

Oh well. I get sake. And I get to headtilt at the MLP cosplayers. 

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Aug 29 '14

Something about Doctor Who, just out of the blue.

Matt Smith is my least favorite Doctor. ..but that doesn’t mean I don’t adore him.

Clara is my least favorite companion (though she is growing on me), but I also still adore her too.

You can like things “better” than something else, but it’s still totally possible to love the “lesser” things too. 

Donna is still totally the best ever and no one can ever convince me otherwise!

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Aug 29 '14

I just made a new friend this week and the character they designed is absolutely awesome and inspiring… but I don’t know if it’s creepy to draw this person’s character so soon.

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